About Me

Hello and welcome to my page! 🙂

I’m Lennae, I’m in my early thirties and am living back in New Zealand after being away for 10 years. I have one pretty awesome husband Cameron, a tiny cheeky toddler named Keira, a cute sometimes cuddly kitty cat called Barry and a white happy border collie named Snow.

In June 2013 I became bed-ridden with ME/CFS. It was a very challenging time and a major learning experience, but I truly believe everything happens for a reason!

I started up this blog to write and share about life during this journey with ME/CFS. Very slowly I got my health back. Since my health has returned, I have enjoyed having this little space on the internet and am continuing to share all things that I love and am passionate about.  This includes, health & wellness, healthy food, smoothies & recipes, exercise & fitness, and travel & adventure!

Please feel free to say Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Lennae xxx

Our wedding day in January 2013 in Koh Samui, Thailand.
Our wedding day in January 2013 in Koh Samui, Thailand.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lennae! 🙂
    I was diagnosed with CFS/ME in 2005. At that point, I couldn’t even wash or dress myself or take myself to the bathroom. But I’m pleased to say, I recovered & have had no problems since 2007 (other than a bit of wheat intolerance and the occasional fainting/dizziness!)
    I’m still definitely signed up to the idea of food as medicine and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!
    Sending spoons!
    Lorna ✿ naturally-bee.blogspot.co.uk ✿


  2. Hi Lorna,

    Thank you for your message, I love connecting with others that have suffered with ME/CFS. I’m glad to hear that you are much better now! Yes I love that idea, food as medicine! I’m looking forward to trying your delicious recipes also! 🙂

    Lennae xxx


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