We survived the first year!!!

The Twins celebrate their 1st birthday with a cake smash.

And just like that we’ve made it past the first year of twin parenthood, as much as its been chaos and overwhelming at times, there’s also been many highlights and rewarding moments along the way! I’m still in amazement that my Husband and I have survived those first 365 days. Naturally we wouldn’t have been able to of managed it all on our own. We have been very fortunate enough to have had some very helpful and supportive people in our lives, who have helped us survive and thrive. So here’s a shout out to them!!!

Since becoming a twin parent, I’ve heard a couple of classic sayings on a regular basis now, one of them being “oh you must have your hands full!” Like no way, I’ve got hands for plenty more! And the other classic “Here’s double trouble!” You got that right, but also double the FUN! I don’t usually mind too much when chatty strangers make comments, its usually just polite banter of how they’re seeing you. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I do look like a hurricane that’s whipped through with two babies, usually accompanied by their 3 year old sister and border collie though we do have moments of it being… dare I say it, easy at times too.

So here’s some of what I’ve found to be highlights, wins or perks that have made life rewarding as a twin parent so far;

Watching our two little twins engage with each other has been pretty amazing. They can both sit there and entertain each other for a good length of time, chit chatting away or rolling around on the floor making cute little noises and be totally unaware that they are being watched.

It has been quite fun seeing double the milestones. Whether its happening at the same time or achieving milestones at different times, its a joy to enjoy. As they have started to develop, they have started to enjoy seeing each other reach milestones and do new tricks too.

I personally found the transition of solids quite easy, as there’s two to feed and if one twin doesn’t like something the other twin will eat it. Food swaps were initiated and the twins have enjoyed trading/ stealing food from each other. So far the food swaps/ trades have been welcomed by the twins. I also love that there isn’t much food going to waste.

Wake up’s in the morning don’t always require the urgent presence from Mum or Dad, unless of course food is in high demand… otherwise chitchats to each other whilst in cots can occur and Mum or Dad can get a extra moment of rest, only for a small moment though!

Sharing is caring (most of the time). From day one our two babes shared their cot until they got big enough to require their own. They share toys, baths, clothes, their birthday, attention and most other things within reason. Sometimes they like to swap water bottles and try out each others formula just to make sure their not missing out on anything special.

Two different babies mean two different personalities and experiences. Ones a climber and ones a walker. One likes smiling at strangers and one likes staring strangers down. One is full steam ahead exploring a new place, while one is more cautious and stays put. One likes saying Dada and one likes saying Mum mum. Experiencing it all at the same time, from two different little personalities and perspectives, what a fun new way to see things.

We get double the laughs and smiles, double the dancing and booty shaking, double the waves, hugs and kisses and double the cheekiness.

Team works, dream work! I see you two, working together to break out, climb, build and gang up on us!

That pretty much sums up a few of my main wins, perks and highlights. The first year has certainly been a journey and the journey is only just getting started. Here’s to Mumlife, Twin life but most of all here’s to the next stage, toddlerhood! I have a feeling its going to be intense… wish me luck!

Thanks for reading friends,

Lennae xxx

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Hi, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! I'm a part-time BHSc student (currently on hold). Mama to a toddler, with twins onboard. Casual blogger, who enjoys writing about health, personal journeys and experiences.

One thought on “We survived the first year!!!

  1. Amazing that year has gone fast, awesome photos and everyone is looking happy and healthy Well Done xxx


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