Twin Pregnancy- The End IS NEAR

I can’t help but feel a bit relieved and excited that the end is near! I’ve just hit the 35 week mark and things have been action packed since I last wrote….no babies yet though! I haven’t hidden the fact that this pregnancy hasn’t been a walk in the park, but at the same time its amazing what the body can tolerate and go through. I’m quite proud of the old body, with what it has dealt with and also with what it will soon have to endure.

A few weeks ago I was hit with a head cold, which really knocked me about. Thankfully we had the big guns down for a few days aka my mother in-law who had been looking forward to taking my little lady to the WIGGLES concert. I’m very fortunate to have a mother in-law who is basically my other mum, which allowed me to rest in bed even more. While I was recovering from a head cold I did start to wonder how on earth was I going to get through the final weeks of pregnancy if I was feeling so awful, but thankfully I’m better now and it was just the head cold getting to me. My little lady enjoyed being taken under her Nannys wing while I got some rest time in, it was nice that they were able to have some quality time together. Fortunately I was able to join them both for the wiggles concert, I would have suffered big time with FOMO if hadn’t of been able to go. #WINNING!

Some pretty exciting news arrived when the announcement of the Trans-Tasman travel bubble was announced. My side of the family live in Wollongong, Australia and like most people that have family across the ditch or overseas haven’t been able to see them due to Covid. A few months ago my Mum made it very clear that she would be here for when the twins were born, to help out and support us with the new adjustment of life with multiples. She was determined to quarantine if that’s what she had to do, so she booked her flights and got a spot in MIQ. It worked out that she would fly into NZ when I would be around 35 weeks (which is now) and would get out of MIQ when I was 37 weeks, we hoped that the twins would stay put until then….. but you just never know with twins!

BUT the exciting news broke and it became our lucky day! My Mum probably didn’t think much of it when she booked her flight, but as it turns out the day she leaves Australia is the day after the travel bubble starts, which meant that she would no longer have to quarantine! Week 35 (this week) never looked so good!

Last week was that 34 week mark, which meant a busy week with appointments. This included a scan, hospital and midwife check up, plus an unexpected hospital visit. The scan was to determine the babies positioning and growth which would ultimately tell me what type of birth would be on the cards. The babies are growing well and are enjoying their current home which is good news, Mama isn’t feeling overly comfortable, but I’m on the home stretch right! My appointments with the midwife and hospital were to discuss options regarding birth, the end game and general things that needed to be addressed. I received a phone call later in the evening after my hospital appointment and was summoned back to the hospital to get a few more checks done. Thankfully all ended up being ok and well I guess it was a good excuse to get to know more of the team up there.

With a multiple birth there isn’t as much leeway and extra precautions are taken. Currently things are working in my favour and I can only hope it stays that way, if not all I can do is roll with it and trust the experts. What I do know for certain is that my husband and I will have an entourage of staff hanging out with us once the party gets started! Bring on the fun times!

The end is definitely near, I can feel the space running out… I’m currently carrying the equivalent of a 10.5 pound baby which is hard work (I feel for any women that has had to carry and birth such a size or bigger). Bring on the final weeks, there’s a little big sister hanging out to meet her bubbas and she keeps reminding her Mama on how big her belly is!

Bye for now,

Lennae xxx

One excited big sister!

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Hi, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! I'm a part-time BHSc student (currently on hold). Mama to a toddler, with twins onboard. Casual blogger, who enjoys writing about health, personal journeys and experiences.

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