Fancy Meow Cat Cafe Rotorua

Puss catching some sunrays.

Meooowwwww there!

Have I mentioned before that I like cats? I might have…..

Turns out my toddler Keira is a cat person too (it’s in her DNA). I was in Rotorua earlier this year for an event that my husband was going to be running and I discovered that Rotorua had a cat cafe. After finding this discovery, I immediately went over my plans to see where I could fit in a visit to Rotorua’s Fancy Meow Cat Cafe.

The price of the cafe ranges from $15 – $17 for adults (it depends on the day you visit) and children under two are free. Included in the adult fee is a free coffee and chill out time with the cats of up to one hour. 20 cats reside in the cafe. Do you see all 20 cats when you visit? Probably not, unless you are fortune enough to visit them while they are getting fed.

My mother in-law was joining us in Rotorua and happily came along to the Fancy Meow Cat Cafe with Keira and I (she also joined me when I visited the Catmosphere Sydney Cat Cafe).

Once we arrived at the cafe, the friendly staff took our drink orders and showed us into the cat room. The pram was wheeled into the cat room and within 10 minutes there were cats in it trying to get into the bottom where the snacks were stored. Naturally it was wheeled straight out.

Our drinks come through a little cubby hole and we parked up on some seats and took it all in, looking from cat to cat. Keira was in awe and hoping to be able to touch one of those meeemooowwws.

Most of the cats were sleeping, a couple were curious and said hello, then went about their business. There wasn’t much cat action until a staff member came in with some cat food, next thing you knew cats were appearing from all over the show. It was cat city, I’m pretty sure all 20 cats made an appearance while the food was out.

We made the most of the cats and and got some good pats in, Keira was in cat heaven and enjoyed a few pats as well played with a friendly cat who loved a good stick.

Eventually it was time to say goodbye to our feline friends and we felt that our time spent with them was long enough. Cats can get a bit diva like and you never know when things are going to go pear shaped with a toddler in tow.

Have you visited a cat cafe? Which one? How did you find the experience? I would love to hear about it. If you’re ever in Rotorua and want to check out these guys you can find them here.

Bye for now, Meooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!


Making friends
Found a new pillow or two.
Fancy Meow Cat Cafe Rotorua- Keira and her Nanny.
Tables are for laying on.

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