New Year Feels

Admiring a late December Sunset.

Hey friends, happy 2020!

Just like that another year’s done and dusted, they come around so fast don’t they? That or I’m just getting old.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic at the moment, new year, new decade, new beginnings and all that. 2019 was a year of learning, finding my feet as a mum and getting sick. Normal sick, that is….

You might be thinking, normal sick is what exactly? Well it didn’t seem normal catching every cold and infection that came my way… But looking back over it now, it has literally been years since I experienced the symptoms of a cold or infection like any healthy person would.

When I suffered from ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome) it affected me differently and resulted with me feeling more poorly than I would have been at that time. Unfortunately for me, last year I copped a whole lot more than one would have expected to. I started to doubt myself and fear that I was heading back towards my days of ME/CFS. Thankfully that got nipped in the butt quickly and with a bit of guidance I was back on track again. Anyway, onwards and upwards, I can only hope my immune system has been strengthened by it all.

I’m excited for the year to come and to see what it has in store. I feel like I had a lot of personal growth and life lessons last year, where a lot of healing had needed to be taken place.Β  I’ve had to learn my limits post ME/CFS and learn not to keep referring back to ME/CFS when I feel unwell. I’ve also learnt about what I need to do as a mum and focus on that, rather than what I think I should be doing. It’s hard to know especially when you feel like your not doing enough, social media doesn’t help with that, as well as societies expectations and my own exceptions! So much pressure right?!Β  But that’s life and where I’m at, bring on 2020!!!Β 

Everyday is still a work in progress…..and we’ll get there one day at a time!

I hope this new year brings you all good health and happiness!

Bye for now,

Lennae xxx


Swinging into the new year……

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Hi, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! I'm a part-time BHSc student (currently on hold). Mama to a toddler, with twins onboard. Casual blogger, who enjoys writing about health, personal journeys and experiences.

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