Pregnancy update: On the home stretch!


Hi friends, it’s been a little while since I have blogged and updated you all on my on-goings, especially with the pregnancy!  How rude of me, here’s a little update!

I’m currently on the home stretch and have just welcomed in week 38! Woohoo, we will be meeting you soon little bub! Due date is in 2 weeks, therefore we have a max wait of 4 weeks if bub wants to make a late entrance. I personally wouldn’t blame bub if he/she wanted to make a late entrance, as we are in the middle of winter here in New Zealand and our New Zealand winter is definitely not like winter in Australia, which is what I had been use to. Saying that though I would like to have my old body back… anytime now little one!

We also have been waiting very patiently to find out what our surprise baby is. I wish I could say I know and have had the feeling what the sex is, but in all honestly I have no idea! All those old wives tales have told me mixed things, so we are looking at a 50/50 chance of boy or girl…….feel free to place your bets!

When I last blogged I had managed to survive the first trimester and had welcomed in the second trimester which they say gets better! Unfortunately I didn’t really experience that, I was able to say goodbye to nausea, but struggled with fatigue (story of my life) and welcomed acid reflux! Oh and hi to pelvic girdle pain! WTF!  After a few weeks of having experienced really bad hip pain as well as waking up to pain, I sought help from a lovely physio. She set me on the right track and I waved goodbye to the hip pain and tried to push on with things (at a much slower pace) like business as usual.

During the third trimester I welcomed a slight bit of energy for a few weeks which was lovely. Now I am nearing the end of the third trimester, where energy lacks. I still take the dog out for our walks, but I’m mostly waddling on after her and she’s always looking at me like hurry up slow mo!

Thankfully I’ve also had uni to keep me occupied while managing the fatigue. After a lot of tears, tantrums and hard work. I made it through the first semester and passed my subjects!  A huge relief and a great way to end my studies for the time being.

It seems so long ago that I found out I was pregnant, but the last 8 weeks have sped along. While I have had a few freak outs of feeling like I’m not quite ready for bub to arrive or trying to imagine what life will be like once bub is here I know that once bub is here, it will be hard to imagine what life was like prior.

That’s it from me friends, hopefully bub will allow me sometime to update you all once he or she has arrived safely into our big wide world. I’ll love and leave ya with a few pictures we had taken when I was at 30 weeks.

Hope you’re all keeping well, much love

Lennae xxx







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