The Ginger People- Review

Ginger goodies from “The Ginger People”.

Ginger, ginger!!!

Oh ginger, I have certainly needed you throughout the past few months. I was lucky enough to be sent out some ginger goodies from  “The Ginger People.” It came at a perfect time, as I had been suffering again with nausea, oh the joys of being pregnant! I was spoilt with a good range of goodies to try out, which I will happily share the details with you all shortly. But first here’s a little bit about the The Ginger People and few health benefits about ginger.

The Ginger People, pride themselves on using the best ginger around the world. They source their ginger from Peru, Fiji, China and Indonesia, partnering with local farmers, supporting communities and fair trade.  The ginger people like to keep their products natural and organic,  gluten free, vegan, and kosher.

Sounds like my kinda people!

A few little health benefits about ginger, it helps with nausea, especially morning sickness or motion sickness. Those of you that get sea sick, ginger is great for easing that. Ginger helps with digestion. It also has anti-inflammatory compounds believed to help with joint and muscle pain. Ginger is also a well known remedy to help with cold and flu.

Now to the exciting stuff, the products that I got to try and sample; chewable ginger tablets mango flavour, organic ginger bar, gin-gins chewy ginger candy and ginger juice.

Chew-able ginger tablets mango flavour– I found these little bad boys to be fantastic! I started taking them when I felt a bit nauseous and they helped me so much with easing it. I found they were also great for digestion and even helped to ease with heart burn. They are great if you are on the go and are easy to just toss into your handbag.

The Organic ginger bar – The ginger bar is a small chewy bar which is great if you are just after a small snack. I tried mine out while sipping a Matcha coconut latte and the flavours certainly worked well together.

Gin-gin chews– If you like a good chewy sweet then these are right up your alley. They have a good ginger kick to them but still taste nice and sweet. I found these to be real handy with easing nausea or if your after just a small sweet treat they will do the trick.

Ginger juice– I’m a huge fan of ginger and lemon tea, so I tried out the ginger juice by adding a splash of it with a couple of slices of lemon to hot water and had it as a tea. It was so good and soothing.  At the time I was starting to feel as if I was about to get a cold so it helped boost my immune system. I also added a bit of ginger juice to my salads with dinner, it gave a good kick to my salad.

If you’re interested in any of these products or feel like checking out what else The Ginger People have on offer, you can check them out here or they can be found in Australia at IGA, Go Vita, Healthy Life and other health stores, independent supermarkets and pharmacies. They can also be found in some pharmacies around New Zealand and in New World.

Your welcome! 🙂



Matcha tea accompanying the ginger bar.


Making use of Ginger juice.

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