Bringing on 30 with Adventure!!!

Photo credit- Eagle rock adventures
Photo credit- Eagle rock adventures


Bringing in my 30th birthday like yeeoooooowwwwww!!!!

When I became unwell with ME/CFS aka Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (nearly 4 years ago), life as I knew it was no more and I was fighting for my health like I never knew I would have too. Fast forward to now and after a few years spent bed/ house bound, I am now pretty much well enough to live an active life at my normal pace.

So bringing in my up and coming 30th birthday with a bang, sounded like the only way to bring in a milestone birthday.

I’ve been pining over Machu Picchu, it’s the one thing that I have held onto and told myself I would do once I recovered from ME/CFS. I have hoped and planned to get there this year, the year I turned 30 and fortunately my hard work with my health has paid off. After months of planning, tantrums, talking myself out of it, then talking myself back into it.  I can confirm that myself and darling husband (bless him for putting up with this decision making process) booked for my birthday and recovery dream of course. My much awaited trip to Machu Picchu, in less than 5 months time!

Whoohoo, I am literally pinching myself!!!

Lets embrace adventure! My big goal is happening, so I am one happy lady. But come the day I turned 30 and the adventure didn’t stop there. Cameron took on board that adventure was on the cards, so he organised for us along with my younger brother to go canyoning.

Ummmmm……what’s canyoning? Yeh I had no idea! Let me tell you…….

Canyoning is an adventure sport where you endure a mixture of activities like abseiling, hiking, rock climbing, rock sliding and jumping through a water canyon.

Sounds a little extreme, climbing down waterfalls, jumping off rocks and plunging into fresh water holes and sliding down big rock surfaces!

Extreme? Maybe a little…..but fun? Absolutely!

We went with a Sydney based tour group called Eagle Rock adventures, they were wonderful guides. They fed us, were extremely helpful and kindly took a bunch of photos on our behalf as smartphones weren’t really ideal to take.

The canyon we ventured through was located in the Macquarie pass rain forest.  It was absolutely beautiful. I love rain forests and getting amongst nature is always good for the soul. We also saw bit of wildlife where we went, as we were off the beaten track. We saw a wallaby, huge lizards, frogs and a snake that was happily hanging out near the water keeping a close eye on us.

This adventure was an all day event, the weather was super hot, but the rain forest kept us nice and cool. The water was beautiful and fresh, I could have stayed in it all day.

I can honestly say it was so much fun, challenging and rewarding all at the same time. There’s nothing like staring down the rock face and feeling your heart racing as you think to yourself “OMG what the hell am I doing?! “This s**t’s way too high!”

Your adrenaline kicks in and then you start abseiling down the rock surface like a boss (or what you think’s like a boss). You’re only going snail pace, but hey your giving it a go and YOU’RE DOING IT and that’s all that matters my friends!!!

With that my friends, I will love and leave you. If you want to check out our Canyoning footage, check out the link below. GoPro was worn by Cameron!

Bye for now and embrace your inner adventure!!

Lennae xxx



Photo credit - Eagle rock adventures
Photo credit – Eagle rock adventures


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22 thoughts on “Bringing on 30 with Adventure!!!

  1. Now that’s one way to ring in your 30th. I turn 30 this year too and thinking of either hitting up Hawaii, or Bali or Thailand but not decided yet. Great post and wishing you the best


  2. Happy Birthday! What an exciting birthday. I love the video. The footage was something serious. I was a little hesitant when I the view downward while standing on the ledge. (cliff) I am so proud of you great job . Loved it.


  3. wow, happy birthday! what a great way to celebrate! Im turning 40 in a few weeks and going to Italy! I love trips for birthdays!


  4. Wow! Look at you going over that rock! So brave. I’m not sure if I’m cut out for Canyoning, but I’d love to try. I’m also so glad to hear that you’re covering from your illness. Please continue to be well.


  5. What a remarkable story, and such a great way to bring in your 30’s!

    Although I did not survive near the strife you did in your 30’s I too decided to welcome in 30 with a bang, taking life by the horns and trying a series of new things. I zip lined in Mexico, went down a 28 story waterslide off of a Mayan Temple, Snorkeled in Belize, visited my best friend since childhood’s heritage in Honduras. I wrote a book, I attended charity events, and I saw the some amazing entertainers like David Copperfield and Grave Digger.

    Suddenly I realized I have not been seizing the day as I should, and when I turned 31 this past September, I vowed to let this year long challenge turn to a life long one!


  6. Macchu Pichu!? I said to myself at the age of 14, that I would do that at some point in my life. I am getting 30 too this year, so it won’t happen so soon as you planned it, but one day… I bet it’s going to be an amazing adventure for you. 🙂


  7. What an amazing story! I’m glad you were well enough come your 30th birthday to do something as amazing as this! Happy Birthday and welcome to your thirties… they are the best!


  8. Awww I’m so made up for you. You embrace it all and celebrate such a huge achievement. You have the best attitude. And welcome to the thirties club, it’s not so bad, especially when you have so much to catch up on.
    Siân Xx


  9. Wow this was neat to watch, looks intense and fun too! Proud of you! Those jumps looked massive good on ya Cam!


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