Fitbit Craze

My Fitbit, the "One."
My Fitbit, the “One.”

Ok so who’s joined the fit bit craze? Yes, that would be me! I have turned into one of those people that is constantly looking at my Fitbit, checking it every 5 minutes to see how many steps I have done.

For those of you that aren’t part of the Fitbit craze, I’ll enlighten you a little. It’s basically a step counter, yes I know it sounds extremely exciting! Here’s where I share with you why this step counter is so amazing!

It tells you important information like the distance you walk, the calories you burn, your heart rate, the number of steps you have climbed and keeps records on all your daily averages. There is even an app that you can login into and allows you to take things to the next level by tracking your weight, sleep, water and food intake. You can even join groups and add friends and track their progress.

The Fitbit range includes wrist bands, watches and clips that attach to your clothing, you can even purchase fancy scales that connect to your Fitbit. I’m yet to buy these.

Of course these days your smartphone can do this all for you, but who needs their phone on them 24/7 when you have a Fitbit! Right?

I personally love my Fitbit! It definitely is helpful for those that are trying to exercise or up there activity levels. Very useful for a chronic illness sufferer like myself.

If you want to invest in one of these bad boys I highly recommend it!

Anywho it’s time I go do some steps, I’ve only done 631 today! OMG!!

Bye for now

Lennae xxx

Fitbit monthly graph.
Fitbit monthly graph.

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5 thoughts on “Fitbit Craze

  1. Go you! That’s great news!

    I Used to do a lot of activity tracking pre-illness then hated it when I got ill. To go from 100,000+ steps a week to less than 500 a day was such a shock! I’m starting to love it again now though, just readjusted my expectations – 1200 a day is good for me now 😊 glad you are finding it useful too! It’s a great recovery tool x

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    1. Thank you Joanna!

      I’m glad that you are starting to feel good about it all now. I agree that it is a great recovery tool! I hope you well at the mo.

      Lennae xxx


  2. I too have a Fitbit One and love it. Such a great little gadget! However I use it in the opposite way. I use it to moderate my activities so that I don’t do too much in any single day. I also have ME, but sadly have had no recovery yet. However paying careful attention to keeping my step count low and slow means I’m now having fewer crashes. (631 steps in a whole day would currently be an, “Ooops, better be more careful tomorrow!” thought for me. πŸ˜‰ )

    Love your clean living recipes. Great blog! πŸ˜€


    1. I think a fitbit is a great recovery tool. Beneficial for us sufferers when we want to push our steps and when we need to be taking it easy. Sally thank you for stopping by my page.

      Lennae xxx


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