Strawberry Oat Smoothie


Kick start your day with this smoothie, full of strawberry goodness!


1 Cup of Coconut water
1 Cup of Strawberries
1 Banana
3 Scoops of Nutrimeal-free (pea protein by Usana)
1/4 Cup of Oats
1 teaspoon of Coconut nectar
4 Ice cubes

A sprinkle of Buckwheat
1 Banana slice
1 Strawberry

Slice banana into small pieces and slice strawberries in half. Add banana and strawberries into the blender with the rest of the ingredients. Blend ingredients until smooth, then pour into glasses. To garnish, insert a small slit into the bottom of the strawberry and slide onto the glass. Sprinkle buckwheat on top of the smoothie and place the banana slice on top. Enjoy!

Serves 2, time required 10 minutes.

8 thoughts on “Strawberry Oat Smoothie

  1. Chloe

    Looks so good! I’ve never tried oats in a smoothie before. I want to start using oats more actually, I think I might try and make some homemade granola when it gets warmer here in the UK! Loads of love Chloe xxxx


  2. studentnaturopath

    Aww YUM! I love oat smoothies but I’ve only bought them before or chucked in my basic banana brekky mix. Definitely have to try this one!


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