Progress is progress!

This past week I’ve had a pretty progressive and productive week. I’ve been out and about almost every day doing things ranging from appointments to outings, including a trip to the shopping mall, walks up to town, running a few errands, riding in a scissor lift as well as organizing and booking accommodation for a trip down the south coast for Christmas. I also got my exercise routine back on track. Pretty busy for a sick person right!?

On Thursday I visited my doctor and did the usual progress update and got a new medical note for work. I was sitting there feeling a bit deflated. My doctor is lovely and has been very understanding with my illness. We were chatting away and usually I try and keep upbeat about it all, but I wasn’t really feeling upbeat. It was obvious to the both of us that I still am not ready to be back at work yet. A month ago I felt I could have been possibly ready. She wrote out a new note that covers me until the end of the year. If any amazing changes happen between now and then, well I’ll cross that bridge when it happens.

6 more months off work……..REALLY ME/CFS?! Do you want to hang around any longer!

In all honestly I really thought I would be back at work by now. I wasn’t happy about this situation but what more could I do! My doctor could tell I was not excited about this, she then reminded me that I am doing everything I can to help myself. She explained to me that when I first came to her with my illness that I struggled to get in and out of a chair, I had to have someone in the actual doctor’s appointment with me as I struggled to concentrate and talk. After that pep talk I felt a bit better. “Yes I’m a lot better and have come quite a way” and “yes I’m doing the best I can” and that’s all I can do, I’m giving it my best.

If you are like me and have high expectations of yourself, learn to be kinder and celebrate the small achievements. You are doing the best you can. Sometimes you need to look back from where you started to see how far you have come.

Progress is progress!



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Hi, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! I'm a part-time BHSc student (currently on hold). Mama to a toddler, with twins onboard. Casual blogger, who enjoys writing about health, personal journeys and experiences.

4 thoughts on “Progress is progress!

  1. I love the quote in the image, it’s so true. I feel like I’m making progress but it’s just not fast enough! I want to be working, and getting out and about so much more! But when I look at just how far I’ve come I’m so grateful. We’re making baby steps and baby steps soon turn into mummy steps. We’ll get there, we just have to be patient 🙂


  2. I’m so glad you’re improving Lennae! I can imagine how enjoyable that week must have been for you after not being able to do hardly anything for so long 🙂 You’ll get back to the end, just remember if you push it you’ll get worse again and it will end up being much longer before you can get back to work. I hope you can keep up the way you’re going, it makes me so happy when another spoonie starts their recovery 😀
    Laura x


    1. Thank you Laura, sometimes it’s hard to find that balance, but I seem to have a sorted at the moment. I hope your going well!


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