Pure Fiji body lotion: Review

Hello beautiful people!

For a little while now I have been wanting to jump onto the beauty product and skincare reviewing bandwagon! I know you’re probably thinking, seen it all before and you probably have. However my aim and goal is to help out all you beautiful people out there, that want to buy or do buy organic or natural skin care products. I have become a bit of a fan of these types of skin care products, they are more natural and better for you.

It can be quite expensive buying and trying organic products, that’s where beauty reviews can be helpful. Any products that I feature will be products that I have purchased myself unless otherwise stated.
New Image

My first review is of Pure Fiji frangipani body lotion. This product is one of my all time favourite’s! This product is priced from $29 onwards, I am more than happy to pay that for this product. The moisturiser is very hydrating and refreshing on my skin. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished. The smell is absolutely divine, it’s frangipani with a slight hint of coconut. This product is made from organic nut oil and is purely plant sourced. This product is made in Fiji. I do find this product hard to find, but you can purchase it online easily enough. This product comes in many different flavours that are worth trying, I have tried every single flavour and I love every single one!

2014-07-10 21.25.24

Have you tried any the Pure Fiji body lotions? I would love to hear your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “Pure Fiji body lotion: Review

  1. Ohhh hello reviewing Lennae! I think you can never go wrong with a review, it’s always good to hear how others find products and I’m more likely to buy something if I’ve read a good review! This sounds heavenly, I’ve never heard if the brand before either πŸ™‚


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