Tropical Orange Smoothie

InstagramCapture_547e4c4f-07f4-490d-b509-96d3d82beff7_jpgIve been a bit quiet lately sorry smoothie lovers, my ME/CFS has been keeping me busy. It’s back into smoothie time though with a yummy, sweet tropical orange smoothie.


2 Oranges
1 Cup of Frozen Mango
1 Cup of Watermelon
1 Banana
1/3 Cup of Coconut Water
6 drops of Stevia

Combine frozen mango, coconut water and stevia into a blender. Peel and chop up banana and oranges roughly into small pieces, then add into the blender. Chop water melon into small pieces and add into the blender. Blend ingredients until smooth. Pour into glasses. Enjoy!

Sevres 2, time required 10 minutes.

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