Living a little……

10176224_10152186628823264_5061633922638061932_nIts official I’m starting to live again! I’m struggling to believe what I’ve recently been up too. It’s like I’ve been hit with new found energy and am managing a lot more which is extremely exciting!

Welcome back life!!

A couple of months ago I was having a bad patch, fast forward a month and now I’m onto a good thing. Lucky for me I’ve had a bit of excitement happen these past couple of months, this new boost came at a great time. I had a few visits and loads of outings to enjoy!

My naturopath kicked it off by giving me some new herbs to try. I started taking them back in April, the day Cameron and I were off down the coast for our little getaway! Fantastic timing! After we got back from our getaway down the coast, I was expecting to pay severely for it but I was in luck I was only knocked down for a day. Yay for me!

I was about to get a taste of what normal life was like again.

A few days later I was lucky enough to catch up with two good friends of mine. I was worried I wouldn’t be well enough for a catch up. In the end the worry was for no reason, I got to spend a lovely couple of hours relaxing and drinking chai latte’s down at the beach. My energy levels where great during the catch up, but after a couple of hours I needed rest. We called it a day, but it was a lovely day. I am so grateful for those few hours. Having this illness really interferes with your social life, sometimes you just don’t have the energy to chat on the phone, catch up in person or even send a message.

Hanging out down at the beach with Jemma & Courtney.
Hanging out down at the beach with Jemma & Courtney.

A few days later my mother in law came over to stay with us from New Zealand which was fantastic! Last time she stayed I was pretty much a vegetable on the couch. This time round I was out and about most days with her. I was able to get out to the airport with my mum to pick up my lovely mother in law Pauline. During her stay I was able to do a little shopping, go out to lunch and dinner, enjoy a few walks. One of my walks was 3 kms, I had walked that without even realising. We even had a big bbq with family over at my mum and dads and I managed well during it. One of the shopping trips was 3 hours I still can’t believe I did that! I even bought stuff!
Pauline, Cameron & I down at the beach.
Pauline, Cameron & I down at the beach.

Towards the end of her trip she was spending the weekend up in Sydney with her sister Taffy who had flown over from New Zealand. Cameron and I wanted to make it a goal to catch up with them both on their last day in Australia. The idea was achievable as long as I took it easy the day before we ventured up to Sydney.

We drove up to Sydney looking forward to the afternoon ahead, it’s only an hour and a half drive from where we live. The sun was out, the temperature was warm and there were no clouds in the sky, a perfect autumn day in Sydney. We picked Taffy and Pauline up and took them to Coogee beach. We spent a lovely hour at the beach walking around having Chai lattes, a quick look in the shops then it was off to the airport. I picked up some of the luggage determined to help. I grabbed the lightest bag which was a good 6 kgs, I was pretty happy to be able to lift that. I walked around the airport like I was normal. We said our goodbyes, and made our way back home. A wonderful afternoon spent with loved ones. The next day I was ok, just a wee bit tired.

At Coogee beach with Taffy.
At Coogee beach with Taffy.

The following weekend was big, it was again enjoyed up in Sydney. I don’t mean big as in a night on Kings cross either! It was a night staying up in Sydney but going to see Urzila Carlson at the comedy store. This outing went really well, I struggled a little at the start just before the show. Cameron, Mum, Dad & I ate out at a pub just around the corner from where we were staying. It was a tad too busy for me, my surroundings were a little crazy and it sent me staring into space for 20 minutes. I tensed right up and then crazy thoughts came running through my head of “I can’t do this.” The pub fizzled out and I become normal again. A quick power rest before the show and I was fine. Tears of laughter summed up the rest of the night! The next day there was no payment of pain, just a quick shop around Ikea then back home to rest. No days of paying with pain and fatigue!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Straight after that lovely weekend it was onto the next big thing, moving house………. Moving house was going to be a huge test, it is hard on the best of us. Well I was determined to do it and survive it. We were moving in five days…..five days straight after my big Sydney weekend. I would have already been panicking if my recovery from each of these past events had set me back a few days but I wasn’t. In all honesty Cameron & I didn’t actually have a lot of stuff and we had a lot of helping hands to help out if we needed. During that week I paced myself and packed up stuff into a few boxes each day. All our helping hands helped out when we needed, and I’m happy to say all went well. I managed to be of some use, packing and unpacking and moving stuff around. The next couple of days I was ok, I just took some much needed rest. But I’m happy to say I wasn’t in pain, I just felt like I had a mild hangover just minus the drinking.

I am so proud of what I am managing at the moment, let’s bring on more! My body is finally healing and getting better! Come on baby let the good times roll…..



Beach beauty  North Wollongong
Beach beauty
North Wollongong

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12 thoughts on “Living a little……

    1. Hi Tricia, I found out what my naturopath had in my herb mix it’s Codonopsis, Rehmannia, Vervain and Siberian ginseng. It does get changed a little.


      1. Yep she makes it up herself, I have 7.5ml’s of it with a bit of water twice a day. No I’m in NSW. That’s ok, she does change the herbs up a little, it just depends on how I’m going. I hope it helps 🙂


  1. So happy for you Nae! Seems like you are really on the road to recovery! Great stuff, hope to see more wonderful posts like this soon. Arohanui xxx


    1. Thank you Jenn, I really do feel like I’m on a great road to recovery at the moment. Fingers crossed it keeps up! Much love xxx


    1. Hi Miss Nifty, this is what my naturopath had in my herb mix it’s Codonopsis, Rehmannia, Vervain and Siberian ginseng.


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