ME Awareness

Before I realised what had hit me I was knocked down by Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) almost a year ago. I couldn’t get back up! All my strength had been zapped from me, without me even knowing it and there was nothing I could do to gain it back.

Struggling to lift my body from my bed was a mission. Days of moving from the bed to the couch became the norm and having a shower was the highlight of my day. Just like that I was depending on my husband and parents, I was like a child again. I couldn’t cook myself dinner, let alone cart myself to appointments or even think about going to work. Little things like checking the mail or doing the washing became very challenging.

Each day become an everyday health battle, not knowing what I was up against or when I would begin to feel better again. It was hard to wrap my head around what had happened. When did I become sick? How did this all happen? As far as anyone could tell I looked healthy, but the life had been sucked out of me.

Visually my body looked normal, but I was feeling old and weary. I was so weak and slow, old people were moving faster than me. My brain wouldn’t work and my mind was a fog, every inch of my body struggled to move. I was in pain most days and had endless amounts of new symptoms that were along for the ride.

Lucky for me the reset button has been pressed and slowly but surely this 20 something year old body is slowly getting back on track. Unfortunately for some people the journey is a lot longer, it can take a number of years for some people to get there life back. I am also extremely lucky to have a supportive network around me, a lot of people with this illness don’t even have that.

My life changed dramatically with this illness and that is what ME/CFS can do to a person. It is not picky with who it chooses, it just walks right on up with those big high heels and walks right over top of you. It kicks you down so hard and then you have to try and pick yourself up again.

Today is May 12th ME awareness day. I’ve written this post today to take part with other sufferers, that blog to raise awareness. If you’re interested in reading the stories of other sufferers search this hash tag #may12blogbomb to hear about how ME has affected their lives. Please help us raise awareness by tweeting, re-tweeting, forwarding or reading some of these stories. The cause of this illness is still unknown and there is no quick fix. Medical support and research is lacking for this illness, because of this sufferers are left to fend for themselves.

Thanks for reading and supporting happy ME awareness day beautiful people!

Bye for now



Blue for ME Awareness Day
Blue for ME Awareness Day

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Hello, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! Since 2013 I have been on a health journey recovering from ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I have come a long way since then, but I have been sharing my experience with my illness on here. I also like to blog about travels, adventures, health, fitness, mile stones, achievements, healthy recipes and anything else that I love or that is positive! I hope you like my part of the world. Please don't be shy I would love to hear from you! Lennae xxx

5 thoughts on “ME Awareness

  1. “I’ve written this post today to take part with other sufferers, ”
    And well done. Most “outsiders” are unlikely to realise how much of a day’s energy reserves just making a post like this can cost.

    I’m a fellow 12th May Blog bomber, slowly and gently working through the other postings.
    This I can do. I’ll pay for it tomorrow but just occasionally that’s how it needs to be.


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