A Little Getaway

InstagramCapture_446dce2d-30b6-4f0d-be60-4106f48f2a4a_jpgI was keen to venture outside of our little home, sometimes I feel like a caged animal always stuck inside our house. It was time to have a little getaway for a couple of nights. I was feeling a little scared but at the same time super excited about going away. I was getting out! FREEDOM! Determined to make this happen, hubbie and I jumped onto lastminute.com, and started searching for a good destination.

We were after somewhere quiet, relaxing, close to the beach and not too far to travel. We found beautiful Mollymook, 2 nights down the coast here we come! It was approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes drive. Perfect!
I felt like I was going abroad, I hadn’t been anywhere for almost a year. I had stayed a couple of nights at my parents a few times, but their place was familiar to me It wasn’t out of my comfort zone. Going somewhere new was exciting, yay for a holiday!!!
I started having a lot of questions running through my mind! “What if I’m not well enough and we can’t go, what if I can’t do anything? What if I’m fine, what if I have an amazing time? So many what ifs!!!”

I wasn’t going to know these answers until I tried………Bring it on!!!

Leading up to our little getaway, I started having a few horrible symptoms that lead into a setback. One week before we were to go away I was stuck on the couch feeling, nauseous, extra fatigued and had a strange burning sensation in my stomach and throat. I was struggling to eat and just wasn’t having a good time. Things weren’t looking to good, I was starting to stress and panic I really wanted a little holiday. Setbacks can come and go at anytime. The cause of this one was unknown, I suspect I may have come into contact with some sickness that was going around and it was affecting me very strangely.

Two days before our little getaway things were looking up. I was magically feeling a lot better, I paced myself and started planning for our little getaway. I got some great tips from my spoonie friends online about traveling with an illness. I packed up my little bag a day before hand, and sent hubbie down to stock up on healthy snacks.

The day arrived for our little getaway, I was feeling a little foggy headed, so I took a big shot of my herbs for a pick me up. We dropped our little furbaby Barry off at his grandparents and off we went on the road. It was a good drive down to Mollymook, I was in and out of fatigue but overall it was good. I didn’t feel nervous, anxious or stressed. These are some of the feelings that can come over me when I haven’t been out in a while or going somewhere new.

We arrived at our destination, I had a little freak out and panicked. I gave myself a mental slap and told myself to harden up and relax!InstagramCapture_a68b31db-9ecf-43ce-ac78-cf68394ca781_jpg

After a rest we strolled down to the beach which was close by. It was a lovely and lazy afternoon, soaking up the warm sun rays. The weather was gorgeous. We strolled along the beach front and had a lot of rest stops. The beach was only scattered with a handful of people. Later on we enjoyed a little drive, read a couple of gossip magazines, got addicted to a game on my phone called 2048 and enjoyed the outdoor spa bath. The water felt so good on my muscles, I felt alive and pain free. We also were lucky enough to have a spa bath in our room. Relaxed anyone?

The next day I was feeling a tad bit sore, thoughts of over doing it were running through my mind. It took me a little longer than usual to get up and get started. I was determined to make a day of it and not let this end my enjoyable holiday. After a little rest we drove to the local shops in Ulladulla I wanted to go shopping and do normal stuff. We browsed through a few shops and bought a few things. It was fantastic. I was slowly running out of steam, every time I would look around I was unable to focus on anything. After an hour and a half of shopping, it was off in the car for a nice drive around.

I honestly felt like this was the best holiday. Everything I was seeing made me feel so lucky and appreciative of everything I had and was able to be doing. I was feeling so grateful that I was able to get out and about, 10 months ago that was the impossible!

Driving around we saw some lovely views of Mollymook beach, the water was so calm and clear. We headed back to our motel for a big rest. My body was becoming pretty fatigued and sore. I swear it’s like being in an old person’s body. Over all I was still surprised that I was still feeling good. After a good rest it was back to the beach this time in my bikini, those poor people on the beach were going to be blinded by my pale skin!

Enjoying the warm sun, feeling the warm sand on my feet was lovely. I wasn’t game enough to swim, but I walked around in the water for a bit. I laid down for a while breathing in the fresh sea air. For a moment I wasn’t a sick person, I felt almost normal.

That evening I knew I had done enough, after another little drive I enjoyed another spa outside then back into the spa bath. The water was lovely on my muscles. The next day I was pretty tired, I soldiered on wanting to enjoy what was left of our little getaway. I was sad to be leaving our little getaway so soon. We stopped off at a couple of places on our way home, I was lucky enough to have a tiny bit of energy to do some shopping.

The next few days I was kind of dreading, I knew that I would pay for pushing myself. Surprisingly I didn’t pay too much, of course I was very fatigued and felt a moment of lowness but that was more from coming back down from a massive high.

I am amazed of how this little getaway made me feel, its the smallest steps that make me so grateful!

Bye for now


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Hi, I'm Lennae and welcome to my world! I'm a part-time BHSc student (currently on hold). Mama to a toddler, with twins onboard. Casual blogger, who enjoys writing about health, personal journeys and experiences.

2 thoughts on “A Little Getaway

  1. Sometimes, (well, all the time) being chronically ill can be overwhelming and stressful, little trips away can do us the world of good. Especially relaxing ones in a lovely location like your trip! A change of scenery is probably more powerful than taking some medications, and if it means paying for it the week after returning, so be it, it is normally worth it! I’m so pleased you could go, and spend some quality time with your man. Now rest up and recover πŸ™‚ xx


    1. Thank you Hayley-eszti, a change of scenery did some good. Hopefully there will be more of those days for us πŸ™‚ xxxxx


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